For property professionals

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94 cubic feet of value unlocked


  • Provides residents with a new, useful and secure storage space, directly next to their car

  • Potential new source of income

  • Consistent and attractive storage facility

  • Reduces risks of goods stored loose in car park areas

  • Replaces unsightly and unsecure storage cages

  • A new building/service improvement

  • Can be installed without permanent fixing to building surfaces

  • The Car Park Storage team supports the stakeholder approval process

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  • Increase the market appeal of new apartments by providing additional storage in the underground car park

  • Creates extra, sellable space from existing property footprint

  • Doesn’t require planning permission

  • Enforce a minimum construction standard and level of quality

  • Ensure that all residents / car spaces have a storage unit regardless of any space constraints

  • Engineered for strength and finished for durability

  • Additional storage in each car space - instantly!



That’s an extra 94 cubic feet of sellable storage