Well done in finding our hidden page.

As you will be aware (given you have accessed this page!) we are keen to test a new First-Shed-is-FREE offer.



What is it?

In short, we will give you an over bonnet storage shed for free, if you...

  1. live in a Central London apartment block (within M25)

  2. the block has an underground car park (with 20+ car spaces)

  3. you have permission from the property manager to have an over bonnet storage shed in your car space (it's free-standing, not fixed - so no drilling or structural impact)

  4. there isn't already an over bonnet storage cabinet in the car park

If you or someone you know meets these conditions, then we will provide a...

  • FREE over bonnet shed (any size)

  • FREE delivery

  • FREE assembly

Over Bonnet Shed  005_edited_edited.png

Why are we giving a £1k storage shed away?

We are testing our theory that once we get one over bonnet shed into a carpark, the other residents will want one too.

As everyone wants more storage - especially people who live in apartment blocks - so if we get one into the carpark, further orders should follow.


So it's a win for you and a win for us!

Please note:

For this test, we are offering a total of 4 free sheds.

So if this sounds good - please either take action yourself or pass it on to friends or family who can take up the offer of a freebie (that's worth £995 + £195 assembly = £1190)

There may be no such thing as a free lunch, but for 4 lucky people, there is such a thing as a free £1,000 shed!

To register your interest - please send us a note via the below contact form.

The first 4 people who contact us and meet the criteria outlined above will be the winners. It's as simple as that.

Thanks! Message sent.